Lighting & Stage Design, Lighting Direction, Programming

Show Direction in liasion with Marcel Heym & Tobias Jud

MGMT&CreativeDirector&TM: Tobias Jud
MGMT: Maraike Cordes
Scenic Builder: Marie Louwes
Technician&TourPhotographer: Julia Preiss
Sound: Ole Bunke
Agency: Oiphorie

Photos: Wild Lights Photography

Getting lost and let people forget about the outside world, was the goal of this show. An interplay of endless depth and intimacy to let loose earthly boundaries for a moment or two.

A string curtain enclosing the artists on stage creating a feeling of security in a usually rough environment. Still its transparency let's you anticipate a world beyond, even deeper and richer as you thought. Projections onto this canvas and the artists themselves allow for intimate situations and flashback like moments. Like looking into someone's thoughts.
Fibre glass bushes surrounding the artists are used as the connecting element between the two worlds. During the show, they seem to communicate between the surreal&timeless world and the intimate here&now. Despite their artificial look, they evoke a familiar feeling. They immediately transport us back to our childhood, where the fascination about them origins.

Thanks to the whole ORBIT family!